Main dealer Diagnostic tools

At GAD Tuning North, we have accsess to a range of advanced diagnostic tools, some of which are very specialist such as out Mercedes Star diagnostics & BMW ISTA diagnostic tools both of which are main dealer level tools as well as General Diagnostic tools. 

We can do a range of things from fault finding faults down to the individual modules & circuits to coding in new lights and screens, software updates, logging services online and so much more. 

contact us with any enquiries and we will be able to help. 

Mercedes Star diagnostics 

Mercedes-Benz Scanner MB-Star Diagnostic allows GAD Tuning North to read and erase fault codes from any control unit in your Mercedes-Benz. With Star Diagnostic scanner you can read the actual configurations in each system, stream real time sensor data, activate sensors and perform SCN online, SCN offline coding and programing.

 This scanner allows us to access and troubleshoot any system or control system in your Mercedes-Benz. Activate any sensor in the car, perform initiation test, stream live sensor data and also read and clear fault codes. If you own a shop who focuses on Mercedes-Benz cars then this is a must for you. Get it via official channels so that you can perform online SCN coding. All MB SD control units are accessible, like engine ECU, ABS, Airbags, SRS, Aircon, Immobilizer, Keyless Entry and the rest of 40+ control units used in MB cars. You can Read / Delete Faults, Live Data, perform sensor actuation, read current configuration, initialaztion and a lot more.


 BMW ISTA Diagnostics

BMW ISTA-D This is software that helps technicians read errors, delete errors, activate the system, test plans, update and program, Look up circuit diagrams and part locations.

Diagnostic Software is the current dealer-grade diagnostic software commonly used for all BMW F Series and E series vehicles. It replaces older versions of the DIS diagnostic software. ISTA/D software can be used to diagnose all BMW models, but it can only program BMW F-/I-/G-/Mini/RR models and above. It does not support programming for E-Series models


Key things we can help with; 

•Full Dealer Level Diagnostics•Fault code Reading & Resetting•Service Light Reset•Auto Identify your vehicle number, Chassis, ECU etc•Coding of New Battery to your BMW•Code / Program modules•Force DPF Regeneration•Read / Clear / Reset Air Bag Light Codes•Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes•Apply Firmware & Software updates to your BMW•Read & Reset Engine Management Lights (EML)•Diagnostic on Individual Modules•Force DPF Regeneration•Vanos Testing•ABS Wheel Speed Sensor checking•Real Time Diagnosis and Display Data•Full Diagnostics•Live Data Checking•Creation of Test Plans for Repairs / Upgrades / Updates•EWS DMW Synchronisation•Programming of Vehicle functions (inc retrofitting of items)•Coding of vehicle functions•Monitor Information•Key Memory and Personalising features (lights, comfort features etc.)•Key Matching and Remote control programming•Reset Adaptations•Individual Values•Check Fuel Rail Pressures•Activate ABS pump for bleeding•Alignment•Activation•Module Version•Reset SMG / SSG Functions•Disable RCD Warnings, Disable Tyre Control Inactive Messages•+ Many more features
Main dealer Diagnostic tools