ECU Remapping

ECU Types

There are many different ECU’s for all vehicle types with dozens of software variants for each ECU type, fortunately we have a wealth of experience to complete the most complex of jobs with fantastic results. Different Engine Management systems / ECU’s are mostly all tuneable and accessible as we have state of the art tools which give us the most up to date vehicles on the market. Currently we cater for the following Engine management systems & ECU types;
- Siemens ECU’s & management

- Bosch ECU’s & management

- Delphi ECU’s & management

- Denso ECU’s & management

- Magneti Marelli ECU’s & management

- Temic ECU’s & management


ECU Software

As we write our software individually from the ground up in house, as well as taking instructions as to what the customer wants, we are able to take it a step further and build in specific extras which furthermore make the experience unique.

We can offer the following;

- DTC fault code removal

- Anti lag

- Torque limiter removal

- EGR removal

- DSG remapping (select vehicles)

- MAF removal for road / race

- Gearbox remapping (select vehicles)

- Lambda (02) removal

- Speed limiter (removal/installation)

- Launch control for manual & automatic

ECU Remapping