Bespoke Remapping

Bespoke ECU Remapping by GAD Tuning North Ltd. We develop to your exact requirements by our team of in house developers. Regardless of your stock power, GAD Tuning North Ltd can develop and improve on the manufacturers power output and to a range of specifications/products you may require. If you have a performance vehicle and want to make further modifications, we can create a custom/bespoke remap file to accommodate any upgrades you may have made. Our bespoke software will allow the modifications to work much more in harmony with the engine.

Bespoke remapping over Generic remapping? We now know there are some proven good results with generic remaps, but this type of mapping doesn’t suit all vehicles and mainly only gives a mild/small increase in performance and economy. Now, here is where our bespoke/custom remap software comes in to play……..working with data provided by the vehicle AND our customer input on their wants/needs/requirements, we can create a remap that is not only ‘one of a kind’ but suits your requirements precisely. Our bespoke remapping/file writing is a much more intelligent and more thoroughly developed way of maximising your vehicles performance and driveability.

Another example is:- If you’re seeking more low end torque from a diesel vehicle, but only desire the extra power from above 50% throttle input!?……This is also possible through GAD Tuning North Ltd. There is a comprehensive range of tuning solutions and tuning packages that are available to you through GAD Tuning North Ltd. If there is something you specifically want to know or wish to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to call us and talk with a member of our team!

With GAD Development we can design, structure and make any adjustments required for road, track and high performance vehicles. GAD Tuning North Ltd also develops economy remaps to improve fuel consumption for a wide range of manufacturers and engines. Whatever vehicle you may have, through our intelligent software – we can almost certainly improve either the performance, the economy or BOTH by remapping… For more info please feel free to contact us.