Hardware Upgrades

Depending on your specified vehicle, we can offer stage 1, 2 & 3 tuning packages, anything from GAD bespoke software tailored to your driving, styles and any particular requirements or requests to a  full blown supercharger conversion for your vehicle, rest assured we can help you exceed the desired affect you wish to achieve.

Supercharger conversions

GAD tuning are able to offer supercharger and turbocharger conversions for a number of vehicles, we have completed some fantastic projects over the years yielding some fantastic results. We offer different superchargers / turbocharger upgrades depending on your vehicle. We are currently authorised agents of Weistec  engineering & VF-supercharger products, as with both sets of products  there are different stages and levels of tuning depending on what you wish to achieve as well as budget.

Vehicles with stage 3 tuning options;

  • Audi R8 V8 – gains +130bhp +165nm
  • Audi R8v10 – gains +225bhp +270nm
  • Mercedes C63 – gains +195bhp +220nm
  • Lamborghini hurican - gains - +290bhp +340nm

many more vehicles are eligable for stage 3 tuning, please contact us for further information on your vehicle. 

Exhaust systems

Depending on your vehicle we offer a number of different products, from a basic de-cat to an exhaust manifold back full exhaust system. depending on your vehicle there can be many restrictive parts to the exhaust systems of any stock vehicle, therefore upgrading the exhaust system components will have many positive affects including better throttle response, less back pressure all resulting in more power and torque accompanied by a much improved soundtrack.

Some of the exhaust manufacturers we use are;

  • Innotec Performance Exhausts (IPE)
  • Miltek Exhaust systems
  • Arymytrix Exhaust systems
  • Quicksilver exhaust system
  • Weistec engineering
  • Akrapovic exhaust systems