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04 May 2020

BMW M3 in for stage 1 tune and coding

This lovely BMW M3 F80 was in today, completely transformed with GTS updates as well as offering software updates, creating one fantsatic tranformation!!

BMW 520d New G series for stage 1 tune

Stunning BMW 520d G series in today for stage 1 tuning.

this is the 2018 model which runs the MD1 ECU.

all tuned via OBD port as with most new BMW models.

BMW X3M Competition

BMW X3 M competition in today.

these run the new Bosch MG1 ECU's

but can now be tuned via OBD!!


BMW M3 comp in for stage 1 & coding

This lovely BMW M3 competition was in over the weekend, completely transformed with our stage 1 tune and GTS updates!!
this in competition trim runs a light tune over the standard M3.