CLA45 AMG for stage 1 & dyno

Mercedes CLA45 AMG was in with us for stage 1 software, pops and bangs. 

Mercedes C63 S AMG stage 1 tuning

Mercedes W205 C63s AMG Coupe having our Stage 1 software upgrade!




04 Nov 2019

Mercedes CLS 350cdi for stage 1

We had a local customer come visit us after seeing our work on the Mercedes benz owners forum.

stunning Mercedes CLS 350cdi looking for stage 1 tune.



Mercedes A45 tuned stage 2 - Yorkshire

Awsome Mercedes A45 tuned today in Yorkshire, a new customer who has purchased this vehicle which is already running our stage 1 tune, now going for our stage 2 package!

BMW 320d in for stage 1 tune

We had a local customer in today with this very clean BMW 320d F-series, even better in a manual.

stock power 184bhp 380nm
GAD power 220bhp 440nm

gains of +36bhp +60nm