Mercedes GLC63 in for stage 1 & dyno

We had this lovely Mercedes GLC63 AMG on the dyno today for a bespoke stage 1 tune. the M177 lump is detuned from factory, allowing plenty of scope for tuning, CHECK OUT THE GAINS we achieved!!

Mercedes C63s stage 1 tune & dyno

Stunning Mercedes C63s in yesterday for a stage 1 bespoke tune!
looking so agressive, we had to go agreesive with the tune and over run as this is just a weekend toy.

Mercedes C43 AMG for stage 1 & dyno

Gorgeous Mercedes C43 in for tuning, now packing a much bigger punch from its new stage 1 tune.

BMW M5 F90 comp corrective tune

Not too many people doing the Bosch MG1 ECUs like this one on a 69 plate BMW M5 comp.

Audi S4 B9 for stage 1

We had a local customer come to us for tuning his lovley Audi S4 B9.
these 3.0tfsi engines are heavily restricted from factory and run the Bosch MG1 ECU.
04 Mar 2021