Audi RS4 B9 in for stage 1 & dyno

Drop dead gorgeous Audi RS4 in for a stage 1 tune, I have literally never seen a car this well spec'd., super capable machine but needed something more!

Mercedes GLC 63 AMG stage 1 & dyno

super aggressive Mercedes GLC 63AMG on the dyno today.
massively restricted engines but plenty of potential.

BMW M4 comp for stage 2

BMW M4 competition in at project performance in Glasgow in for stage 2 tune!!

BMW 140i stage 1 tune

This BMW 140i was transformed by AutoSpec UK in Glasgow, visually absolutely stunning with presence.

BUT... of course you need the power and sounds to match!!

BMW 750i G11 stage 1 tune & dyno

This uber luxurious BMW 750i was in today for tuning & coding.

gains at the wheels +93WHP +70WTQ (ftlbs)!!!!

equates to roughly;

459>570bhp @ fly
757>870nm @ fly