Mercedes C63s AMG for stage 2 tune

Today we were met with a super agressive looking Mercedes C63s AMG.
With the customer having already fitted parts in anticipation for stage 2, we sprinkled some GAD magic on this Beauty and made her a beast!
Great feedback of much faster and sharper gearchanges as well as a much much stronger pull

BMW M4 for stage 1 & specific over-run

BMW M4 in for stage 1 tune.
very specific instructions with this stunning car, having had a mobile mapper out and load 4 diffrent versions of a generic file, none of which met the requirments of the owner including competition pack & GTS software versions!!

Mercedes A45 AMG stage 2 software

We do love an A45 AMG at GAD, brilliant machines, especially when carefully callabrated to unleash the inner beast!!

Mercedes GLC63s in for dyno & stage 1 tune

We had the pleasure of this stunning Mercedes GLC63 s in yesterday.
looking for stage 1, we quiqly realised this car was in a false limp mode, analised and fixed the issue now pushing some serious numbers!!