BMW M4 "the joker" stage 2 tuned - photo shoot

In January we had the pleasure of tuning the "Joker" BMW M4.


I was unable to capture any good pictures of the car on the day to do it true justice.


fortunately our customer very kindly drove to Newcastle today to get some pictures taken...

BMW 335d dyno run

today we had our BMW 335d xdrive on the dyno today after all new software updates & a new tune.

Mercedes C220 in for tuning

This Mercedes C220 cdi coupe was in for tuning today, really lovely with the subtle body kit on.
just needed a bit more power to match, GAD can definitely help with that.

BMW M3 for stage 2 & M4 for stage 1

BMW M3 in for our Stage 2 package & BMW M4 in for Stage 1 package




Mercedes E350 saloon GAD tuned

Another impressive Mercedes E350 GAD tuned.

fantastic cars with plenty of scope for tuning!!