Audi S3 in for stage 1

Yesterday we had this manual Audi S3 in for tuning all the way from Blackpool.

coming to us with a primary de-cat, res delete and looking for our stage 2 tuning solution.

Porsche 911 turbo S for stage 1

Stunning Porsche 911 911.2 Turbo S for Stage 1 calibration!!!

Mercedes E63s AMG for stage 1

Mercedes E63s AMG in for Stage 1 calibration and Akrapovic Exhaust System exhaust @ gadtuningltd!!!

06 Jul 2019

BMW 530d in for stage 1

We had this lovely BMW 530d in for tuning.

great looking car with plenty of scope for tuning, as with all F series BMW's we can tune without ECU removal which reduces time and costs of tuning.

05 Jul 2019

Mercedes GLE 350d for stage 1

We had this stunning Mercedes GLC 350cdi which has the newer 9G gearbox.

stock power 258bhp & 620nm
GAD power 310bhp & 750nm

04 Jul 2019