Mercedes GLC63 AMG for stage 1 tune & Dyno

Mean grey AMG machine came to us from near Manchester during a snowstorm
In for a GAD stage 1 tune, we know these make excellent gains and this GLC63 did not disappoint!

New Super wide GLE 350D gains over 200nm!!

This Extremely wide Mercedes GLE 350D which barely fit on the dyno came to us from Manchester.
It has already been to 2 other national tuners which produced a barley noticeable difference, citing the CPC module for "limiting the power from the tune"

Mercedes GLC63 stage 1 tune & dyno

Local customer come to us with a Mercedes GLC63 for stage 1 tuning.
some really big gains in torque with massive jump with more than what "peak" figures suggest.

AMG GTS stage 1 & Dyno

Very Special Mercedes AMG GTS in for a stage 1 tune & a few "sound enhancements"
Installing our GAD Blow of valves & BMC filters, a much nicer sound overall.

Mercedes E63 S in for stage 1 tune

Super agressive super saloon came in to us for our Bespoke stage 1 tune... now she is SAVAGE!!!!