Mercedes E63 S in for stage 1 tune

Super agressive super saloon came in to us for our Bespoke stage 1 tune... now she is SAVAGE!!!!

Porsche 911 turbo for stage 1 tune

Lovley Porsche 997 turbo was in @ D&G Porsche Specialists having a sports exhaust installed, but required a bit of GAD magic.

BMW 340i Engine & Gearbox tune

Gorgeous BMW 340i in today for a GAD makeover incorporating tuning both the engine and gearbox.
Had a lovley phone call afterwards from the customer to say how shocked at the difference he was, he was over the moon
Engine ECU - Bosch MG1 ECU - Bench tuned
Gearbox TCU - tuned via OBD port

Mercedes A45s stage 1 & dyno

Absolute weapon in today, Mercedes A45s AMG in for a stage 1 tune.
Being a 2021 model, because of anti-tuning software updates, we wernt sure if we could tune the Bosch MG1 ECU.
But we managed

Mercedes E63 in for stage 2 tune & dyno

We had the pleasure of tuning this Mercedes E63 today.
came to us initially in December, whilst carrying out stock power runs, the car ends up in limp mode & misfiring on cylinder 7 which had happened to the customer in the past.
After health checks and a look over couldnt find the cause.
Back today for our GAD stage 2 software after the issue was resolved.
Ended up being a loose relay connection on the ECU!!