BMW M4 comp for stage 2

BMW M4 comp for stage 2

BMW M4 competition in at project performance in Glasgow in for stage 2 tune!!

All the M cars from 2019 at the moment the DME's are locked and can not be mapped via OBD.

this required ECU removal, not a problem for us as we can now access the ECU via Bosch service mode, therefore not requiring us to open the ECU, direct read and tune!!

stock - 450bhp & 500nm
stage 2 -530bhp & 720nm!!!

massive transformation on these M cars ??
??gains of +80bhp +170nm!!
??pops and bangs on overrun
?vmax release

Please contact us via the following....
?? on 07889628971
?? email to
?? DM us directly on Insta or facebook

23 Jul 2020